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The devin townsend project z2 - Archived from the original on April . Ginger the band s frontman remained close friends with Townsend later cowriting several songs Infinity Christeen Demos EP. a b c Turner Tracy

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The group recorded a few songs together although Townsend says that they never intended go further than . Brave Words Bloody Knuckles. Timeline References External links Biography edit Early musical career Devin Townsend was born New Westminster British Columbia on May . April. External links edit Music of Canada portal Wikiquote has quotations related to Devin Townsend Media Wikimedia Commons HevyDevy Records AllMusic YouTube vteDevin albums Punky ster Cooked Phonics Ocean Machine Biomech Infinity Physicist Terria Devlab The Hummer Ziltoid Omniscient Dark Matters Live Retinal Circus Casualties CoolStudio BandStudio Accelerated Evolution Synchestra ProjectStudio Addicted Deconstruction Ghost Epicloud Sky Blue Transcendence By Thread London Box sets Contain Supporting musicians Gene Hoglan Duris Maxwell Jed Simon Byron Stroud Chris Valagao Anneke van Giersbergen Ryan Poederooyen Dirk Verbeuren Adrian White Dave Young Morgan gren Strapping Lad Steve Vai Wildhearts Zimmers Hole Bent Sea articles Discography Human Equation Loser Ayreon song vteStrapping Ashley Scribner Mike Sudar Heavy Really Thing City Alien New Black No Sleep till Bedtime Compilations Chaos Years DVDs For Those Aboot Rock Commodore Fear Factory Angel Death Dethklok Front Line Assembly vteThe Ginger CJ Ritch Battersby Danny McCormack Snake Jools Dean Andrew Stidi Stidolph Dunken | Devin Townsend's Official Website | ...

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Devin Townsend - WikipediaMembers of Casualties Cool . Interplay Signs Metal Bands for Fallout Brotherhood of Steel . Archived from the original on April . Revolver

Turner Tracy November . Blistering. Physicist and Terria edit Townsend performing at the ldrock Festival Netherlands June . amidst it all often find myself just not the mood. The final Strapping Young Lad album New Black was released later . He wrote I was working with many amp companies but have made my choice and settled on single Axe Fx XL for ENTIRE chain. The Casualties of Cool Pledge campaign has started. Retrieved March . Toronto. Just a total dickhead of process. a b c Lay David February

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